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What Is SEO and What Can It Do To Grow My Business?

SEO is a common buzzword, and has been for some time. So what is SEO? Why are so many people talking about it? Most importantly, how can it help you grow your business?
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How to Turn Your Website into a Marketing Tool

Building a website is more than just a way to get a business online – it’s merely the first step towards maximizing online exposure, generating traffic and converting online visitors into customers. Either way, the goal here is to use your website to move your business forward.

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How To Do On-Page SEO in Ten Steps

Building a website that meets Google’s Quality Guidelines for Webmasters is more important than ever. Follow these 10 tips below to build a site with proper on-page SEO. Doing so will mean a better user experience for those using your site, and higher domain authority with search engines like Google.

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Google Still Dominates Search (but don’t sleep on Bing)

comScore just released their August 2012 U.S. search engine rankings. You can read their press release here. Google is still the clear market leader with a 66.4% share of the total search market, followed by Bing with 15.9%.

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SEO in a Post-Panda and Post-Penguin Era

In the past couple of years, Google has waged a war on SEO and the people that practice it with two main updates to their algorithm, Penguin and Panda. Why? Two reasons:

  1. People are spamming search engines and it makes it harder for Google to do its job (provide quality, relevant results to searchers).
  2. They want people to spend their money on their pay-per-click advertising services (and not SEO).

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Google Lauches Sweeping “Penguin” Update to its Search Engine

On April 20th, we felt that change was in the air and published a post called “The Future of SEO and How To Prepare For It”. Our timing could not have been better, because on April 24th, Google announced an epic update to their search algorithm that is designed to do a better job of catching people and websites that spam its search engine. This update, called “Penguin” immediately sent shock waves through the online community. Let’s take a look at what “Penguin” did, and why people are so up in arms over it.

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How To Optimize Your Google Places Listing

For local businesses, setting up, maintaining, and optimizing your Google Places account is important for many reasons. One is that Google now displays “merged” listings for local searches, showing both the website and Google Places account for a business in one merged listing.

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The Future of SEO and How To Prepare For It

If there is one industry that is constantly changing, it is SEO. Let’s begin our discussion on the future of SEO by examining the present.

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How To Find the Right Web Design Company

So you need a website, but you need to know how to find the right web design company? Don’t be concerned; selecting the right firm is easier than you think. Follow the tips below to make the best decision possible.

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How SEO Will Keep Google + Alive

I just read a thought-provoking article at the New York Times. It begins by noting the recent eulogies given to Google + by such sources as Slate and Forbes. To be entirely transparent, if you would have asked me before reading this article, I’d agree. I simply haven’t (yet) seen what differentiates Google + from Facebook, and I didn’t see people moving their entire social network to a new platform.

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