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When it comes to Google Ads (formerly Google Ads), there are many types of ads available depending on your strategy. Digital marketing is not a “one-size-fits-all” undertaking, so it’s important that you know the options available to you and understand which will be a good fit for your business goals.

Google Ads

Display Ads

Display ads are image ads that are ideal for building awareness of your company and brand. These ads can be shown on a wide selection of websites, mobile apps, and video streaming platforms, ensuring that your brand is shown to as many relevant people as possible. These ads usually have a very low cost per click and offer a great way to drive new people into your digital marketing funnel.

Search Ads

Search ads are text ads that allow you to target keywords and phrases that people are using to find your company and its products or services. These ads can be ideal for every phase of the customer’s journey, as you can write them to match nearly any searcher’s intent. Search ads, when used properly, guide a person through the various stages of your marketing funnel: awareness, discovery, interest, action, and retention.

Remarketing Ads

Remarketing ads, also called retargeting ads, are a must for anyone seeking to maintain top-of-mind awareness and increase conversions. If you’ve ever had ads “follow you” around the internet as you browse different sites and apps, you’ve witnessed remarketing at work. Remarketing ads can be either image or text ads, and they are shown on the same platforms as display ads. These ads are only shown to those who have been to your website before, however, hence the name “retargeting.” Remarketing ads are an essential part of marketing strategies, being particularly strong in the action and retention areas of the marketing funnel.

Google Shopping Ads

Google Shopping ads are advertisements specifically designed to increase sales. These ads only show up when someone searches for a product, and they lead directly to your site’s product details page. Shopping ads, or product listing ads, show your product’s image, price, and brand name, as well as any reviews or promotions (if your advertiser implements these features). These ads often have a lower cost per click than search ads and a higher conversion rate. If you sell products on your website, you should look into Google Shopping ads.

Youtube Trueview Ads

YouTube TrueView ads are the short pre-roll video ads that you see while watching YouTube. When properly targeted, these ads are highly relevant to the video you’re watching or websites you’ve been visiting (in the case of remarketing). The reason these ads are called TrueView ads is that advertisers are only required to pay when a person views the majority of the ad. You are not charged when people skip your ad, decreasing wasteful spend and increasing your return on investment since you’re only paying for engagement.


Certified Google Partner

Being a Google Partner is an indicator that a digital marketing agency has a certain level of experience managing Google Ads campaigns and has consistently maintained a high performance level for a significant period of time.

Google Partners have a more direct working relationship with Google. This includes a dedicated support line and can also include a dedicated Google representative with access to special tools and data only available to Google employees. As the relationship develops, Google Partners can receive early access to Beta programs that enhance the platform and allow for improved performance. When you employ a Google Partner, you can be certain that you’re working with an experienced team.


At 417 Marketing, we implement the following strategy for all clients that use Google Ads:

Understand the ideal customer.

If you don’t understand the audience to whom you’re marketing, your ads will fall flat and you will be relying on mere chance. Don’t make the mistake of marketing without understanding how to best satisfy the needs and desires of your target market.

Create an account in line with your goals.

Every business is different, and different businesses may have different goals. We want to understand your goals as specifically as possible so that we can measure and optimize for success, whatever that looks like to you.

Campaign for the whole buyer’s journey.

Knowing the ideal customer is half the battle; showing them the right ads at the right time is the other half. If you want to increase conversions, it can be important to meet the customer at every stage of their buying journey. From the moment they become aware of their desire for a product or service to the moment they decide to take action, we can make sure that your business is front and center.

Monitor and refine keywords, bids, and copy.

It’s not enough to set up an Ads account well. Until the data starts coming in, there is no way to know how your campaigns will perform. By constantly monitoring your ads, we can make data-driven decisions that ensure the best chance for lower costs and higher conversions.

Utilize audience lists and smart tools.

When enough data is flowing into your account, we gain the ability to use the information in your account, along with Google’s endless wells of data, for automation and enhanced targeting methods. Data should be the road map by which any advertiser makes decisions, and in Google Ads, we have access to tools that make the best use of that data to ensure the ideal ROI possible.


If you’re thinking about working with 417 Marketing to run ads on Google Ads, we can run projections for you to get a feel for the amount of traffic you can expect to generate and at what cost. With this information, we can work with you to determine a good starting budget and the return on investment you would need to justify running the ads. We believe that honesty and transparency are essential to any successful business. If we feel that any type of advertising is not in your best interest, we will encourage you not to move forward with it. Instead, we will help you find a better fit for your business and goals.

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