Google Shopping Ads

A fantastic way of advertising products from your eCommerce store

Google Shopping Ads, also called Product Listing Ads (PLAs), are a fantastic way of advertising products from your eCommerce store. Shopping Ads consist of a product image, product title, the price and the name of your business. Google shows these ads to people searching for product-related terms and phrases, so the traffic from these campaigns tends to come with high intent to buy.

As with other campaign types within Google Ads, PLAs are priced on a cost-per-click model, with a lighting-fast auction happening behind the scenes every time someone searches. Google has various checks and balances in place to prevent an all-out bidding war, so cost-per-click prices tend to stay within a reasonable range (an average of $0.66 per click across all industries, as of May 2020).

Shopping Ads are different from Paid Search Ads in that you don’t choose the keywords you want to target, but rather Google determines when to show your ads based on a product data feed containing information from your website, adjusting it’s relevance to your feed based on your cost-per-click bids.

If you sell products online, you should definitely try Google Shopping ads as a core piece of your marketing strategy.

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