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Nick Altrup

Nick Altrup

Founder & President

Nick is the founder and President of 417 Marketing. He is an SEO expert by trade, but he also enjoys digital strategy and website/server administration.

Nick and his wife have 2 daughters. On a good day, you’ll find him enjoying dusty LP’s, drinking nitro cold brew while reading nonfiction, lifting weights, flying somewhere new, or hiking/biking through our beautiful State and National Parks and various trails closer to home.

Ryan Baker

Ryan Baker

Vice-President, Digital Strategy

Ryan is 417 Marketing’s strategy designer and PPC expert. He has a passion for understanding people, their behavior, and psychology. He enjoys teaching clients and young entrepreneurs about marketing strategy.

Ryan and his wife have 2 daughters and 1 son. He enjoys dynamic coffees, fantasy novels, and a good spreadsheet. His hobbies include composing music, writing, video games, and hiking in the woods with a good audiobook.

Renee Borage

Renee Borage

Head of Content

Renee is 417 Marketing’s Head of Content. She spends her days writing and editing online content, including web copy, blog posts, press releases, advertisements, and social media updates. She is a staunch advocate of the Oxford comma.

An avid traveler, Renee is always planning her next vacation. She also enjoys reading and writing fiction, taking photos, cooking, exploring her city, and walking her dog – a gorgeous mutt named Moxie.

Jeremiah Ruanes

Jeremiah Ruanes

Head of Web Design

Jeremiah has been 417 Marketing’s Head of Web Design since 2013. A Computer Science graduate, he has more than 10 years of experience in the world of web development.

For fun, Jeremiah enjoys woodworking. He spends most of his time either in front of his computer or in front of his table saw. Jeremiah is a tech enthusiast who loves Apple products and smart appliances.

Corey Hermanson

Corey Hermanson

Senior Paid Search Manager

Corey is 417 Marketing’s Senior Paid Search Manager. His responsibilities involve working with the marketing team to develop and implement paid per click strategies for our clients. He optimizes campaigns to help contribute to the success of each campaign.

Corey’s favorite hobby is scuba diving, however, living in a land-locked area it’s not something he can enjoy too often. His other hobbies include reading any book that piques his interest, video games, hiking, and board games with friends.

Carlos Alonso

Carlos Escalera Alonso

Analytics/Tag Manager Expert

Carlos is 417 Marketing’s Analytics / Tag Manager expert. He focuses on analyzing and understanding how visitors interact with a website to implement a tailor-made analytics system, everything from data quality gathering to advanced conversion tracking and reporting.

He’s always in the loop of new analytics trends and enjoys a good reading with a tasty cup of coffee. He’s also an avid player of strategy games, loves fiddling around with his two dogs (Lana and Rudo), and enjoys a relaxing time on the beach.


Joan Ruanes

Project Manager

Joan is 417 Marketing’s Project Manager. She is a BSCE graduate but decided that industry wasn’t for her, so, she spent a decade refining her skills as a research editor at a publishing company and she now use that expertise to deliver professional project management duties.

Joan has 2 dogs named Hunter and Dagz. She loves frappe and wraps. Her hobbies include working out, Netflix and Karaoke, trekking and camping at the summit.

Shiela Vicmudo

Shiela Vicmudo

Web Design

Shiela is part of the Web Design Team. Her work at 417 Marketing revolves around website maintenance like running updates, checking on issues and imparting corrective measures. She is always driven by love for ideas and solutions.

Shiela and her husband have three kids — all boys, and a girl poodle. Her hobbies include reading fiction and doing crafts. Her family loves going and spending the holidays at the beach.

Harmony Cox

Harmony Cox

Contributor Writer

Harmony Cox is a contributing writer for 417 Marketing. She enjoys the challenge of creating unique and engaging content for a variety of clients.

She lives in Columbus, Ohio with her cat Bandit, and enjoys travelling and spending time with her family. She loves good coffee and good conversation. Her favorite hobbies are hiking in Appalachia and watching movies with her friends.


Paityn Forgey

Junior Paid Search Manager

Paityn is 417 Marketing’s Junior Paid Search Manager. She is a junior at Missouri State University studying Marketing Advertisement. Paityn will be graduating in Spring 2022. She is Google Ads Display certified.

Paityn likes to hike and travel in her free time. She also loves hanging out with her family and friends. Paityn enjoys relaxing with her dog watching movies.


Lindsey Whitford

Podcast Admin

Lindsey works as the Podcast Admin at 417 Marketing. She enjoys creatively tackling problems, learning how to better relate to people, and learning in general.

In her free time you can find her watching Netflix, watercoloring, dancing, baking, or cooking. Lindsey also enjoys reading classic mystery novels, nature walks, hanging out with her nieces and nephews, and sipping a good latte.

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