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The purpose of the website has always been to inform, and to an extent that is still the case. But your website is also the hub of all digital marketing efforts – the place where one collects information. With that information, one can analyze the efficacy of a digital marketing campaign.

At 417 Marketing, we build websites that are responsive, fast, SEO-optimized, accessible, easy to use, and in line with Google quality guidelines. We craft websites that meet Google quality guidelines and help our clients make more money.

Our Web Design Process

Define the problem.

Usually when someone reaches out to us for a new web design, they have specific concerns they wish to address on their current website – or they don’t have a website at all! To begin, we like to get a clear picture of the problem.

Listen intently.

We want you to adore your new website. To ensure that we understand your goals and deliver the right solution, we will ask you to describe your vision for the new web design.

Establish goals.

All successful projects begin with clear, measurable goals. Together, we will define the project’s goals and discuss how they will be measured.

Craft a solution.

Once we understand your concerns and your vision for your new web design, we will work diligently to design a custom, responsive solution that meets your goals in a clear, quantifiable way.

Why You Should Work With Us

We’re confident in our skills and services, and we want you to rest assured that you’ve partnered with the right company. Why should you choose 417 Marketing for your web design project?

We build websites that are responsive, fast, SEO-optimized, accessible, easy to use, and in line with Google quality guidelines.

To better understand what we mean, please check out our portfolio. Here are a few examples:

We will ensure your website looks great on all devices.

Did you know that over 55 percent of people use their phone to browse the internet? That’s why it is so important to build a responsive website that renders well on a variety of devices – cell phones, tablets, and all sizes of desktop computers. Click here to learn more about responsive design.

We will protect your website.

We use HTTP Secure (HTTPS), an encrypted website connection, to protect your website’s communications. If something should happen to your website, we can restore it because we perform daily backups. Plus, we run malware scans to shield your site from online threats.

We will expand your online exposure.

As we build your website, we will optimize it to ensure that it meets Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. Our websites are easy to crawl, quick to load, and coded with useful meta data that helps search engines understand what they’re crawling. Then we create a properly formatted XML sitemap and upload it to the “Big Three” search engines – Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Next, we set up Google Webmaster Tools and monitor their feedback as they initially crawl and digest your new website. As they give us helpful tips, we respond.

We aim to maximize conversion.

If your site’s newfound traffic doesn’t lead to increased conversion, we’re missing the boat. So we work hard to create easy-to-use, responsive conversion forms. Then, we work with Google Analytics to set up conversion tracking statistics, so you will always know what percentage of visitors to your website are completing a specific site goal (i.e., converting). A visitor might “convert” by requesting a quote, purchasing a product, or giving you a call.

We provide support after the launch.

After launching your new web design, we offer multiple support solutions. Prefer to do it yourself? No problem. We build websites using the #1 content management system in the world, WordPress. WordPress is simple and easy to update if you have advanced computer skills. Prefer to have us update your site for you? We offer comprehensive and affordable website maintenance services.

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