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How to Increase Conversions on Your Website

As every business owner knows, it’s not enough to simply get people in the door—that’s only the first step. Once a guest steps inside, you need to convince them to purchase your products or partake in your services. Without conversion (i.e., turning visitors into customers) you won’t make a profit and without a profit, your business will fail. Many people emphasize a site’s traffic when they discuss web design and SEO, but traffic is useless if you haven’t learned how to increase conversions on your website as well. So today, we’re going to teach you how to increase conversions on your website with a variety of simple tips and tricks.

how to increase conversions on your website

How to Increase Conversions on Your Website

  1. WRITE COMPELLING, CALL-TO-ACTION COPY. As soon as a visitor arrives at your website, you need to draw them in with persuasive copy and eye-catching images. From the headlines to the descriptions, be sure to write clearly and focus on appealing to your visitors and urging them to do what you want them to do (that might be exploring your products, learning more about your services, watching a video, etc).
  2. USE INTUITIVE NAVIGATION. Your layout should be simple and easy to use. If customers are often asking questions about your website (Where on the website can I find X product? How do I get a quote?), then you need to make some changes.
  3. MAKE CONVERSIONS FAST & EASY. Once a visitor decides to buy your product, hire your company, join your club, etc., they should be able to do so very quickly. Don’t bog them down with excessive forms or confusing questionnaires. They may change their mind midway through the process!
  4. CLEARLY LIST YOUR BENEFITS. Don’t be modest! Tell your visitors why your product or service is such an enticing offer. Boast about your fantastic customer service team, your free shipping, your quality ingredients, your green standards, the fact that you got rave reviews in your local paper, etc.
  5. ADVERTISE SALES. Pretend that you’re a costermonger or a salesman and shout out your low prices and weekly deals—$10 t-shirts! Free shipping all month long! 20% off your total purchase! A casual lurker might be tempted to make a purchase if they feel they’re getting a good deal.
  6. MAKE IT EASY TO CONNECT. If you need to know how to increase conversions on your website, remember to think about engagement and accessibility. Your contact information and social media profiles should be easy to find and use on all pages of your website. Consider placing them in your header or footer or creating a contact tab/button.
  7. BE AVAILABLE ON ALL BROWSERS AND DEVICES. It shouldn’t matter whether a visitor stops by your site using Chrome or Internet Explorer or whether they’re using their desktop, tablet, or phone. No matter how guests access your website, it should always load quickly (use this tool to check how quickly your site loads and how you can improve), function well, and look good. Most people are impatient when it comes to the Internet, so don’t expect casual visitors to wait around for your website.

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Now that you’ve learned how to increase conversions on your website, it’s time to put these tips and tricks into action. Don’t let visitors cruise past your website; make them pull over and notice what you’ve got to offer. Good luck!

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