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Even if you had the most engaging website in the world—beautifully designed, SEO-optimized, well written, easily navigated—it wouldn’t matter in the slightest if you didn’t also have an excellent web host. After all, without a reliable web host, no one would be able to see that top-notch website.

Too often, people forget this. They spend hours upon hours worrying about their website’s design only to select their web host on a whim. That hastily chosen web hosting company may be sufficient at first, but what about when your website crashes? Can you trust the company’s technical support team to get things up and running again? Can you rely on their customer service representatives to answer your questions and allay your fears? How do you know that this won’t happen again, frequently and to your great frustration?

Don’t you wish you had thought this through beforehand?

 web hosting

It’s crucial that you work with a reliable and responsive web hosting company. Before we get into the specifics of web hosting and explain why it is so important, let’s clarify the term.

What Is Web Hosting?

If you want your website to be published and accessible online, you need a web host. The web hosting company will store your pages on their servers and make them available on the Internet. Then, it will link your domain name to the IP address of a specific computer. So when someone requests to see your website (by typing the domain into their browser’s address field), the IP address will be located and the website will be loaded from the web host. If you didn’t have a web host, no one would be able to view your website (except for you, that is).

Web hosting is very different from domain registration, though many people confuse the two.

Your domain name is like your address. When people want to find you, you give them your domain name (like “www.417marketing.com”) and they can find you by typing in the address. The domain name stands in for a long url made of numbers, which is what computers use to communicate with one another. It is professional, convenient, and easy to remember. When you create a website, you will need to register for and purchase a unique domain name.

Web hosting, on the other hand, is like your office building. It offers space and availability, not design or special features. When you give someone your address (i.e., your domain), they will be able to use it to find your office (the space provided by your web host). However, if you don’t have a web host, there won’t be any office to find. Even if you have designed a gorgeous website and purchased a domain name, you won’t be able to make use of them if you don’t employ a web host as well.

Why Are Quality Web Hosting Services So Important?

Nobody thinks about their web hosting until it goes down. That’s why we offer the highest quality web hosting available.

We base our choices on your business and your website’s needs, taking into account the complexity of the website and the number of visitors you’re expecting each month. To avoid future problems concerning a lack of data storage or high traffic, we offer plenty of storage and ensure a high bandwidth. We set clear limits, safely publish your work, and have excellent uptime track records. Perhaps most importantly, should you have any questions or concerns, we offer reliable customer service. Should problems arise, we are available to fix your problems and get your website on sure footing again.

There may be cheaper options out there, but sometimes you really do get what you pay for. Wouldn’t you rather put your website in trustworthy, responsible hands and avoid all that potential stress? Believe us, it’s worth it.

web hosting

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