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Are Facebook Ads Worth It?

No one can deny the influence and ubiquity of Facebook. Over a billion people use Facebook worldwide, and you can find a wide assortment of profiles in the social network—from bored teenagers to tech-savvy grandmas to serious businesspeople. Facebook is undeniably popular, but what about Facebook advertisements? Are Facebook ads worth it? Here at 417 Marketing, we advise against Facebook advertisements and we’d be happy to tell you why . . . 

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Are Social Signals Bogus?

Social media can sometimes feel like high school. Everyone can see how many “friends” you have and how many times those friends “like” or comment on your posts. There are awkward relationship statuses, ridiculous dramas, and oh so many typos. But despite some of its juvenile aspects, social media also plays a huge role in business these days. And some believe that all those “social signals” involved can greatly affect your website’s search ranking. But is it true? Are search engine rankings a big popularity contest? Or are social signals bogus?

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The Top Social Media Sites for Marketing

Everyday, thousands of people are jumping up on imaginary soapboxes to taut the greatness of their favorite things. They might post their preferred websites on Facebook or tweet the best new songs and videos. They might pin links to delectable recipes or cool new products on Pinterest. Companies, of course, are tapping in to this potential for free advertising by creating their own profiles and sharing links, but not every social media website is created equal. If you’re looking to increase your website’s traffic, you need to use the top social media sites for marketing. Of course these will change as trends come and go, but as of today, these are the best and most popular websites you should be posting on if you want to increase your referral traffic.

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