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Have you heard someone say that Display ads don’t work? We hear it all the time, even from other marketers. People often say that this type of ad, sometimes called banner ads or image ads, doesn’t work because it doesn’t often drive direct conversions. Saying they don’t work because they don’t drive direct conversions is like saying that the weather doesn’t affect anyone’s mood.

The primary purpose of ads on the Google Display Network (GDN) is not to drive direct conversions, but to deliver a message to people who aren’t actively searching for your product or service. You can use this network to build awareness of your brand, educate your target market about a problem they may not know that they have, associate your product or service with the problem your market has, remind people to come back to your site and engage, and more.

When paired with ads on the Search Network or Shopping Network, it can increase the effectiveness of your primary conversion drivers that target those ready to take action now. Targeting on the Display Network is unique in that you aren’t targeting people who are searching, but rather targeting various audiences based on a variety of audience parameters, including custom audiences.

You can target these ads to people who have, through their recent search behavior, exhibited an intent to purchase something you sell. You can target based on a person’s general affinities, recent life events, their behavior on your website, detailed demographic information such as their education or marital status, or you can create a custom audience based on the types of search terms they may use or the types of websites they visit.

If you don’t have a graphic designer to create banner ads, you can always use Google’s built-in ad designer to create Responsive Display Ads, which are given premium placements and dynamically adjust to show users the ad most likely to get the best results. The ad creation process guides you through choosing images and logos by scanning your website or social media, uploading your own files, or searching through stock images. You can then enter headlines and descriptions for your ads to provide a variety of messages that Google will combine to find the best ad for your market.

If you have a long sales cycle, a lot of competition, or a product or service that doesn’t have a lot of related search volume you should definitely try advertising on the Google Display Network.

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