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Choosing Keywords For Your Google AdWords Campaign

Google Adwords. The most popular, and powerful, online advertising tool available. If you’ve been on any website, you’ve seen the ads to the side, top, bottom, or even middle of the page. Whereas they can appear spammy when poorly configured (what advertising doesn’t suffer from tackiness when left to amateurs?), it can also be a very effective tool for bringing in more visitors to your website and, ultimately, more business to your company.

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With the Adwords program, you create an account, choose a design for your ads and what key words or phrases you want your ad to be associated with. For instance, if I created an ad with the key phrase, “PPC Marketing Springfield MO,” then the ad that I designed would appear in the Google search results when someone typed that phrase, or something with similar wording, into their browser. My ad would also appear on website pages with or similar wording.

I can select a virtually unlimited number of keywords and phrases for my ad to be associated with, or I can choose to enter only a few, very targeted words or phrases. When someone clicks on my ad, they are immediately taken to my website and are exposed to any other information that I have presented there. My ad is the attention-grabber that allows my website to further pique their interest and possibly make a sale or generate a new contract.

The nice thing about Adwords and similar programs is that you don’t pay a flat fee for the advertising only to find yourself left with no (or very little) statistics on how effective your ad actually was. With Adwords, you pay only when someone clicks on your ad and visits your site. PPC (pay per click) advertising can be more cost effective than other forms of online paid advertising because the only people who will click on your ad (the only people you will pay for), are those who obviously have some interest in what you’re selling already. This makes converting a lead into a sale that much easier.

But even though Google Adwords is one of the most cost-efficient advertising methods available, I’d to show you how to make it even more cost-efficient.

When you create your ad, you have to choose associated keywords. Those keywords are priced based on competitive bids, meaning advertisers are always competing to have their ads show up when those keywords are searched for or used on the web. The more advertisers select a keyword for their ad, the more expensive it will be since the highest bidder gets first priority in having their ad show up with that keyword.

choosing keywords for your google adwords campaign

Luckily, Adwords shows you the competition level for each keyword or phrase you enter. If you click on the Tools & Analysis tab in your Adwords account, you can type in the various key words or phrases you are considering using and then see its relative competition level (how expensive it will be). For instance, if I type both “online marketing” and “online marketing springfield mo” in the search box, I see that the competition level for “online marketing” is incredibly high while the competition level for “online marketing in Springfield MO” is virtually non-existent. This means that if I used the first as my keyword, I would have to pay quite a bit every time someone clicked on my ad whereas it would be very cheap if I used the second.

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